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This site has been created to provide top quality "fan copies" of Mystery Science Theater 3000 in video for iPod format.

You've seen the DVD's and videos for purchase and trade around the internet... well, I have obtained the best quality copies on DVD and converted them all to mpeg4 for iPod for you. I have purchased or traded for these from the best traders on the web. I must reiterate that these files are converted and compressed down from DVD video. They are therefore smaller in size and aren't meant for full screen viewing, however, they look great on the iPod screen for which they are intended.

Yes, you could do this yourself, but who has time? If you want them converted and archived onto data DVD ROMs, iTunes and iPod ready, then look no further. All you'll have to do is pop them in to your dvd drive on your computer, drag them over to iTunes and then load them on to your video ipod for viewing.

Every single broadcast MST3K episode (excluding Rhino & BBI releases) is offered here for sale for your video iPod for the low low low price of $1.99USD per Episode. Per season pricing on Get Videos page. Order all 10 seasons + KTMA at once and you'll pay only $250.00. Roughly a $40.00 discount.

*Please note that I do not distribute MST3K Episodes that are available by any commercial means (i.e. Rhino Home Video or Best Brains). I own every commercial release and will remove future commercial releases from my available episodes.

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